Beams by Alisha Toni Design

Beams by Alisha Toni Design

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Beams by Alisha Toni Design
Acrylic, Gold Leaf, Markers and Resin on Canvas, 10" x 10"

About the Artist:
Alisha is an Architect and Designer with a passion for all things related to art, craft
and design+build. She was born and raised in India and currently lives and works in
Northern California.

Coming from a family of engineers, artists, and hoteliers, she was exposed to various different professional fields, but also many different cultures, places and people growing up. She loves to travel and is drawn to the outdoors and nature which is where she draws inspiration for the majority of her artwork. Her time spent in the outdoors, traveling around the world, experiencing different cultures, environments, landscapes, people and architecture greatly influences her work.

Alisha began her artistic journey creating black and white abstract drawings in pen
and ink, slowly introducing splashes of color into her work as she progressed. She
revels in the flow state she finds herself in when creating these detailed patterned
pieces. Most of her pieces start with an idea, word, thought or experience, but the
process and finished piece tend to develop organically and on the go. In addition to
her pen and ink drawings, Alisha began to experiment with acrylic and resin flow
paintings in 2019. With her love for dabbling in different techniques and working
with different materials, she has found excitement in combining acrylic and resin
flow art with her fine linework to create interesting three dimensional art pieces.
Being a self taught artist, she is always finding new mediums to explore and work

All this to say that at its core, Alisha’s artwork is born from a desire to experiment,
create and derive joy from doing so.