"The Crystalline Lake" painting by Julie Meridian in collaboration with Lucidbeaming

"The Crystalline Lake" painting by Julie Meridian in collaboration with Lucidbeaming

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The Crystalline Lake
painting by Julie Meridian in collaboration with Lucidbeaming
acrylic on claybord, 12” x 36”    

KALEID Gallery is proud to present:

“Terraforming the Uncanny Valley” a series of paintings from a collaboration between painter Julie Meridian (San Jose) and tech artist Lucidbeaming (Berlin).

Lucidbeaming’s algorithmic remixing of historical landscapes is reimagined in paintings by Julie Meridian. His algorithmic experimentation with synthetic terrain combined with her eye for bringing realistic detail back in to virtual imagery yields a new kind of landscape. From a painting tradition that celebrated unspoiled nature to remixes made real through human interpretation, the end result is a vision that hints at a future when the environment re-forms after humanity’s presence…and the marks it has left with technology.

Both artists are deeply grounded in both traditional and digital art practices. They are pursuing ethical AI experimentation to better understand the nature of what can emerge.

About the Artist Julie Meridian (San Jose, CA)
Julie Meridian captures the essence of people and places through representational art with impressionist details. She has extensive experience humanizing technology through UX design and has been active in the Silicon Valley arts community since 2014.

About the Artist Lucidbeaming (Berlin, Germany)
Lucidbeaming is a pseudonymous art and technology project by artist Joshua Curry. It combines his diverse background in fine art with modern digital tools. Lucidbeaming projects have been exhibited in the San Francisco Bay Area since early 2017.

Exhibition dates: February 2–24, 2024
Gallery hours: Thursdays–*Fridays 12pm–7pm, Saturdays 12pm–5pm & *First Fridays 5pm–9pm. Free admission.

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